Top 10 Animals That Can Live After Death

5. Frogs

It has been discovered that frogs continue to move around even when their brain dead. If you leave the frog’s head intact but take out its brain, a headed but brainless frog actually behaves very similarly to a frog with its green matter perfectly intact. If you pinch its feet it will hop away, put it in water it will swim to the side and climb out and the most amazing of all it’ll even croak intently if you stroke its back. The factor that results in frog’s zombie-like tendencies is the power of the reflex reaction which fires the necessary electrical impulses that cause a muscle to expand or contract.

4. Flies

Flies can survive freezing temperatures and go into suspended animation. You can freeze them for days after giving them some heat they will be back as normal. Also, female flies will live for several days after they have been decapitated such beheading females assume an upright stance comparable to that of a normal fly and can do and engage in complex actions such as preening and flying.

3. Turtles

The hearts of fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals alike have their own pacemaker cells that take over when the signals from the brainstem are not coming through. For some reason, it ensures that the heart still functions for a while even when the brain does not. But the turtle took it to a whole new level and this is because their heart is cut off from the oxygen and nutrients, usually supplied by the blood is just very normal.

Because these animals can die for a very long time, for five thousand hours in the case of the loggerhead musk turtle. They can survive that long by oxygen they can take up from the water via their skin, throat, and butt end. As well as their body’s amazing potential for producing energy without oxygen, their hearts have their own fuel stash and they just won’t give up until every last fill-up of that has been used up.

2. Snakes

Snakes can still kill you with their head chopped off, the snake’s head has its fangs and deadly poison sacs still have the ability to bite you and deliver deadly venom even if it’s no longer attached to the rest of its body. The snake has heat-sensitive pits at either side of its face which it uses to detect threats now these heat-sensitive pits are capable of detecting a threatening presence for hours after death. This means the snake’s head will continue to defend itself and can bite you if you get close to it or try to pick up thinking it is dead.

1. Flatworms

Flatworms or planarian are known as masters of regeneration they can rebuild any part of their bodies after amputation. If one is cut in half the head portion grows a tail and the tail portion grows a head. Cut it into 20 pieces and 20 new worms each an exact copy of the first are created. This has been exploited by Nottingham University scientists who have created a colony of more than 20,000 worms. The shocking thing is they’re all from one original whose bodies and organs do not appear to age, They are confident a single worm that did not divide would live forever unless it catches an infection or another illness. So they are basically immortal beings living with us.

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