What’s The Difference Between a Bunny and a Rabbit?

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Are rabbits and bunnies the same thing? If you are reading this article, this might also be the question on your mind. A lot of people may choose to use both names interchangeably, which is fine. The truth is that a bunny can be a rabbit, but a rabbit cannot always be a bunny. The bunny is not a new species entirely.

Confused? Not for long. Read on to find the difference between a bunny and a rabbit.

What Is a Bunny?

A bunny is another word one can use for the rabbit. They are very cute and fluffy and can sometimes be seen as babies in their tiny form.

One of the most popular bunnies is the Easter Bunny. Easter because it is related to birth and spring. This kind of bunny is used to bring presents to children on special occasions.

What's The Difference Between a Bunny and a Rabbit?

A lot of kids usually tend to know the word bunny before they learn the word rabbit. Bunny seems to be a more pleasant word to hear and say and can comfortably fit other animal nicknames they know, such as kitty and puppy.

What Is a Rabbit?

On the other hand, a rabbit is a small mammal and a member of the Leporidae family. The various species of rabbits include the popular English Lop, Lionhead, and Cottontail Rabbit. Rabbits can either be wild or domesticated, but it all depends on each of their origins.


Wild rabbits can live up to 1 or 2 years old, while domesticated rabbits can live up to 8 or 10 years old. You can find them in different sizes and weights, ranging between 1 and 5 pounds and 8 and 20 inches tall.

Significant Difference Between a Bunny and a Rabbit

One of the biggest differences between a bunny and a rabbit is that the term rabbit is most suitable to describe this tender-looking animal. The word bunny is just an endearment. Bunny is a part of North American culture that is always used to describe the different species of rabbits. However, when it comes to perception, many people will describe a bunny as a baby rabbit and a rabbit as a full-grown mammal or animal.

Fun fact: A female rabbit is known as a jill or a doe, and a male rabbit is called a jack or a buck.

Bunny vs. Rabbit vs. Hare

Now you know the difference between a rabbit and a bunny; here is the difference between a rabbit and a hare. Its major difference lies in how their young ones are born and cared for. Hares have a longer gestation period, and their babies are born with fur while their eyes are open.

Difference Between a Bunny and a Rabbit

Rabbits and Hares are both in the family Leporidae, but they’re separate species. Hares are larger than rabbits. And, instead of creating burrows, hares make nests in the grass. Baby hares will easily grow to take care of themselves, even in the wild. This is because, unlike young rabbits, young hares do not have a burrow for the protection they need.

Baby rabbits, on the other hand, are pretty much small and helpless. They are born blind, deaf, and bald. It will take a few more weeks before baby rabbits will be ready to go into the world and take care of themselves on their own.


After reading this, you would be confident enough to tell the difference between a rabbit, a bunny, and a hare. Now you know you should not call a rabbit a bunny unless it is a baby rabbit. Although, many people won’t feel bad if you call their grown rabbit a bunny, especially if you believe it is cute enough for the name.

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