The Spectacular Golden Ants

The Golden Ants belong to the well-known genus of spiny ants Polyrhachis. The exact species is not known because there are over 600 different species of Polyrhachis. So it’s better to refer to them as just Golden ants.

Polyrhachis is a very large genus in which many species have the appearance of a golden metallic shiny coloration. The Polyrhachis dives, Polyrhachis beccarii, Polyrhachis sp, Polyrhachis ypsilon, Polyrhachis illaudata, Polyrhachis ammon all these ants have golden appearance. This range from bronze to silver to gold.
In this genus, the ants are generally monomorphic. Most Polyrhachis species are arboreal and weave their nest of vegetation and ant silk for their nest. However, some species build their nest in the ground. Polyrhachis beccarii, this species commonly makes its nest in the ground or in fallen tree trunks or large branches.
Golden Ants
The Golden Ants are also called spiny ants. They are the most common ants found in Brisbane bushes and Queensland. They are also found in some parts of Asia and in the rainforests of Central and South America.
Golden ants are black in color with golden gaster, adults typically reach 8-10mm in length, and have spines on the mesosoma and petiole. They are omnivorous and they are attracted to sugar and collect nectar.
Golden Ants
The ant is black but covered by short dense hairs that give it a metallic sheen which may be bronze, silver, or golden.
When light falls at the right angle the golden sheen of the golden ants is clearly visible.
Golden Ants Golden Ants
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